gas detection for argon distributors

Electron-injecting layer formed from a dopant layer for

flow of a sputter gas 17, for example, an argon gas or a xenon gas.18 gas flow distributors19 support plate20 target backing plate21 shield22

Gas delivery system

The present invention provides a method and apparatus for delivering one or more process gases and one or more cleaning gases into one or more processing

Ignition distributor for internal combustion engine

Abstract not available for EP0133009 and sintered in an argon gas under one atmosphere at adistributors for internal combustion engines, as shown in

Process for the shielding of a casting stream in a casting

via gas distributors surrounding the stream, be directed along the latter. gas, although other inert gases such as argon or helium can be employed

Ensemble correlation PIV applied to bubble plumes rising in a

distributors (40 mm;20 mm, active pore size: A 4 W continuous wave (CW) Argon-ion laser (dimensional CFD model for gas}liquid bubble col-

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1 inch Welded Stainless Steel Flexible Yellow Hose Pipe For Natural Gas USASTM 201 Stainless Steel Pipe, SUS Welded gas pipe distributors US $1.03

Agilent 7890 |

Distributors for Agilent and PAC products in East(balance argon) were supplied by Custom Gas The detection limits could also be improved using

Building energy-saving multi-perspective-

distributors and retailers; energy-saving effect isusually filled in special gases such as argon, Auxiliary heat source for the gas stove, and

System and method for managing welding procedures and welding

A system and method for managing welding procedures is provided. The invention includes a welding system, a local server and/or a remote system. The

Gas electrode operation

This disclosure is directed to operating gas electrodes, e.g., oxygen (air) cathodes at "blow-through" pressures of oxygen-containing gas, viz.,

Canister with plasma gas mixture for sterilizer

A canister is provided that is adapted for use in a plasma induced sterilization process. The canister contains a gas mixture that is pressurized to


A method and apparatus for directing the flow of material between a plurality of storage bins and metallurgical vessels each having a coupling pipe

Discharge valve for an extuingishing system

2005920-gas, such as argon, nitrogen or carbon dioxide or an active gas, such use of more cost-effective medium and low pressure distributors and

Method and system for measurement of a liquid level in a tank

A system for dispatching a refilling vehicle to a tank updates a prior collected average level of substance in the tank. It continuously determines values

Process and device for cooling molten steel

A process for cooling molten steel, in particular by continuous casting of hoop-steel. At least part of the molten mass that leaves a metallurgical

Process for plasma sterilizing with pulsed antimicrobial

A process for plasma sterilization in which articles in a sterilizing chamber are taken through at least one combination sterilizing cycle. The articles to

Process for operating a die-casting machine

9 Helium Inductively Coupled Plasma Argon is the detection for elements with relatively high gas distributors (Albuquerque, NM) Los Alamos


This invention relates to a method of and apparatus for pumping gas and particularly to a system in which a primary vacuum of the order of 10-

Methods and results concerning the shielding gas flow in GMAW

201351-The methods introduced were used for the precise gas distributors and the advantages of optimised (1995) Transport coefficients of air

Apparatus and method for atomic layer deposition

20040035358 Reactors having gas distributors and methods for depositing materialsExamples of purging gas include helium (He), neon (Ne), argon (Ar),

Procedure for blocked drain line on asphalt trailer

An apparatus and method for dislodging a solidified plug formed in the delivery line of hot asphalt blocking the delivery of the flowable asphalt to a

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Target for a sputtering source

A target for a sputtering source can be subdivided into a plurality of exchangeable target segments (9). Each target segment (9)

Argon Medical Devices, Inc.Plano, TexasSr. Product - MD at Atlas Oil & Gas B.are now looking for distributors and sales reps.[Ar] refers to the argon-like core structure

Method for modernizing the synthesis loop of an ammonia plant

2001620-A method for modernizing an ammonia synthesis loop (1) with a first converter (10) and a second converter (11) in

a catalyst bed slumping in a gas-agitated multiphase reactor

The invention relates to methods for prevention of and recovery from a catalyst bed slumping in a gas-agitated multiphase hydrocarbon synthesis reactor,