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Revisit to Nuclear Spin Temperature of Ammonia in Comets

Revisit to Nuclear Spin Temperature of Ammonia in CometsComets had formed (VLT) in Chile and the High Dispersion Spectrograph (HDS) mounted on the

The N, O, S Isotopes of Oxy-Anions in Ice Cores and Polar

(2009) Comprehensive inter-laboratory calibration ofof the ammonia and the nitrate ion in rain. GeochimChile: new evidence from mass-independent oxygen

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d). The levels of ammonia, nitrite and nitratecalibration, model validation, and effective in Chile over the past decade would not have

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Transcriptomic profiles of ammonia and the mixture Vicuña Mackenna 4860, Macul, Santiago, Chile.calibration samples and in this way their mistaken

ammonia volatilization from surface applied urea in soils

[Potential ammonia volatilization from surface applied urea in soils of the central region of Chile]1991Casanova P, Manuel A


33% aqueous ammonia solution, methanol, chloroformcalibration is not critical as in the DD1 P.O. Box 2613, Concepción, ChilePhone 41-

diversity and occurrence of ammonia-oxidizing bacteria in

Ammonia-oxidizing bacteriaBacterial diversityThe Atacama Desert, located in northern Chile, is one of the driest deserts on the Earth. However, in some

Inventory of ammonia emissions from livestock production in

This paper presents the first inventory of ammonia emissions from livestock production in Los Lagos and Los Ríos Regions of Chile. The inventory was

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Ammonia lossCalcium stimulated ammonium absorptionViets effectThe chile pepper in the presence of ammonium on chile and broccoli growth in calcareous

Variability in chemical composition of Vitis vinifera cv

ammonia can significantly affect theproduction of The calibration standardwas prepared using the (Gist-Brocades, Chile, SA) wereadded to the

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Starting in 1972, 60 min ammonia-ized These procedures and calibrations are discussed inChile for their support of Proyecto E2602-8712

Two-level hierarchical fragmentation in the Orion Molecular

ammonia small- scale clumps are SMA-3, SMA-4,in has a kinetic gas temperature of 15 K, and(Santiago, Chile) Science Visitor Programme while

Ices and Gas in Star Forming Regions as Seen with VLT-ISAAC

in Chile workshop, held 11-15 March 2002 at La Serena, Chile. Editedsuch as the formation of ammonia hydrates (S 3), HDO (S 5) OD stretching

Minimum Zone of the upwelling ecosystem off Central Chile

gas hydrates where iGDGTs are derived from ammonia oxidizing archaea in sub-oxic water off 2008. Global core-top calibration of the TEX86

Registro tafonómico de Ammonia beccarii (Linné,

produced by the pH in situ over the calcareous foraminifera Ammonia beccariiForaminiferida) en la marisma Quillaipe (41°32'S; 72°44'O), Chile

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carbon dioxide and ammonia in heated gas phase. [email protected] Título: [Longitudinal Matrix-matched calibration curves showed good

APEX: Five years of operations

the new software was deployed at APEX in Chile.For their performances, individual calibration "Submillimeter water and ammonia absorption by the

Far-Infrared Dust Temperatures and Column Densities of the

we applied the extended source calibration procedurein Chajnantor valley, Chile, as part of the kinetic ammonia temperature of 15 quiescent, 69

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[Transformation of urea in the soil and ammonia volatilization [Chile]]. [Spanish]Covarrubias Penaloza L.H

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Ammonia is generally the source of nitrogen in and crude oil, coal, and natural gas hydrocarbonsfrom mineral resources principally in Chile. In