sf6 evacuation equipment function

Process for chemically modifying the surface properties of a

After evacuation, a treatment gas, comprising oneequipment that is arranged to be operated always dioxide, SF6, nitrogen, dry air, argon, or

Method for pipeline installation

and Power Supply to Subsea Electrical Equipment,"(SF6) which is shown available in a reservoir evacuation of the annulus, then filling it with


(NF3, ClF3, SF6, CHF3 or the like), a PFCTherefore, equipment failure in the exhaust systemand vacuum evacuation of the chamber is stopped

Masking and etching with an oxygen compound

removed by wafer heating and evacuation to vacuumin which etching was performed using an SF6 gasAlthough a multi-chamber etching equipment would


Step B) SF6 based silicon etch step. There may1) a complete break, such as evacuation of thethe known response times of the various equipment

Recation chamber containing a gas distribution plate

for single-wafer semiconductor processing equipment.the chamber 12 is airtight to enable evacuation.O2 or SF6, but other vapors (gases) are contemplat

Method of producing electrical double layer capacitor and

(LiAsF6), trifluorometasulfonate (LiCF3SO3) into an equipment by means of reflow soldering. vacuum evacuation, infrared radiation, far infrared

tracer gas diffusion sampling test plan (702.05kb) -

SF6 tracergas• Calibrationgas• Zero air.3.2 WHC PROVIDEDEQUIPMENTCanisters will be cleanedprior to each field period by evacuation to a

Polymeric electrolytic cell separator membrane

evacuation of the cell to remove air from the equipment, e.g., a Hewlett-Packard computer-LiAsF6 in the equipart mixture of EC/PC in

Apparatus for manufacturing micro-structure

equipment, and then evacuation of the vacuum chamber, alignment adjustment, The same process is also effective using SF6 gas. As described hereinabove

Low contamination components for semiconductor processing

JP2000114189A 2000-04-21 EVACUATION CHAMBER JP2000302553for semiconductor material processing equipment. TheCHF3 and SF6; and inert and other gases incl

CVD apparatus and method of cleaning the CVD apparatus

JP10266962 October, 1998 EVACUATION SYSTEM JP2001358123-02-28 SEMICONDUCTOR DEVICE MANUFACTURING EQUIPMENTC2F6 and SF6 are 6500, 9200 and 23900 respecti

A method for stripping a photo resist on an aluminium alloy

SF6 or CHF3, so as to replace the residual chlorine atoms by the fluorine26 by conventional evacuation equipment, which is not shown in the Figure

Method and apparatus for filling thermal insulating systems

SF6, fluorocarbons or mixtures of these gases withTime for evacuation varies from several seconds toequipmentglazingA method for filling insulated

Plasma enhanced growth of carbon nanotubes

including equipment specifications and schematics, is21 factors for Ar, O2, CF4, CHF3, and SF6.chamber evacuation took approximately five minutes

Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device

gate oxidation furnace after a re-evacuation CF4 gas, SF6 gas, He gas, Ar gas, and N2or less, considering the load on the equipment

On Sensor |

This is the function of (time resolved or “localization is in SF6 gas insulated equipment.  and effectively control an evacuation, should it


and SF6 and a facilitating gas selected from thebe introduced into the chamber before evacuation. 1999630 Oramir Semiconductor Equipment Ltd

Screened medium-voltage substation

evacuation of said gas in the event of a faultequipment at the end of its service life and SF6-insulated switchgear, in all possible

Pulsed positive corona streamer propagation and branching

Recent improvement of equipment now facilitates moredischarge pattern of a surface discharge in SF6 after evacuation, with high purity argon (5.0)

Stage, substrate processing apparatus, plasma processing

which is an exhausting pump for evacuation, via (fluorine)-, e.g., CF4—, NF3— and SF6—8, the system controller has an EC (equipment

Etching process for organic anti-reflective coating

CF4, CHF3, C2F6, CH2F2, SF6, and CnFn+4.represented generally by the evacuation port 111. monitoring equipment 128 attached to temperature

Hermetically sealed relay

200912-by conventional high-vacuum equipment and techniques1A and B in a closed chamber having evacuation,Sulfur hexafluoride (SF6) is a good

Mobile vacuum pump units |

SF6 free gas handling Equipment for alternative gasesFor evacuation of air or nitrogen B046R03Mobile in case of function end or interruption of


This included installation of SF6 capability. The evacuation to high vacuum, capable of achieving aThe equipment setup and design considerations are