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• Rank 1st in China • Density 3,800/km2 (9,900/sq mi) • Urban (2018)[8] 24,115,000 • Urban density 6,000/km2 (20,000/sq mi)

Relative Humidity Characteristic Analysis of Henan Tobacco-

200572-temperature to 20 °C, atmospheric CO2 below 0.1% and relative humidity For the first four days the top two rank- ings of measured ammoni

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・Do not store in an area with high temperature, high humidity, or inRanked #1 Placenta in Cosme.net Ranked #1 Placenta in Rakuten Improves

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The highest hazard-ranked pesticides differed from those most heavily applied,meteorological parameters (air temperature, relative humidity, and dewpoint)


201091-Climatic parameters such as precipitation, temperature and humidity have the most of the areas of the Province were able to be ranked as


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Method for ranking and dispatching electrical generation

providing a computer controller in communication ranking value for each of the generation systems; If temperature is high and humidity is low

Predicting exhaust emissions of a liquefied petroleum gas

controller area network (CAN) using a Dearborn (R2) from the comparison, and ranked the Temperature H = Humidity BP = Barometric Pressure

Scientific opinion on welfare of dairy cows in relation to

In cubicle houses, straw yards and pasture, the five highest ranked hazardstemperature, humidity THI>78 increased infection pressure Mastitis (3) 3 8

A comparative study of Saffron agronomy of Khorasan and Kashmir

is ranked as third saffron producer, worldwide. such as humidity, altitude, and rainfall in The main similarity is temperature data in two

Humidity monitoring and alarm system for unattended detection

responsive ventilation controller 2005-11-17 Acker,Humidity and Temperature are measured by the Zone orifice flow meters, ranked sail switches or

Estimating Evaporation from Lakes and Reservoirs under

temperature, or air temperature combined with They ranked these methods as Penman, DeBruin-temperature, humidity, wind speed and solar

GKMK SERIES - Mitsubishi Electric Australia-

ranked higher by one" means, e.g., Model GK-30 where installation 35 typeMK-50 type1.Operating ambient temperature and humidity must be kept


Temperature and humidity data were recorded at locations WS-1, WS-6 and Station WS-6 ranked second in total precipitation and was the most humid

of Green Belts on the Temperature and Humidity

(cm) Air temperature (C) Year Relative humidity % Year Canopy openness (For air temperature, each data set was ranked in each year, and the

The structure of dung beetle communities inhabiting tropical

especially where the lowest humidity and the highest temperature were Other high ranking species were Deltochilum guyanense Paulian 1933 (C),

Statistical analysis and modeling of lightning

(850mb) 12 Relative humidity (500mb) 13 Temperature (850mb) 14 PDO ranked independent variables including interaction; also included are the

Future probabilistic hot summer years for overheating risk

201652-It has been shown that although the DSY is ranked the 3rd warmest temperature (C) 3 Vapour pressure (hPa) 4 Relative humidity (%) 5

Digestibility characteristics of barley lines from the USDA

32 percent relative humidity, with controlled 12 hour light and dark periodsFor example, rats fed W C 592 ranked lowest in PRODG (83.2%), lowest

17th fewest 90 degree days - National Weather Service -

With strong south winds gusting from 35 to 45 mph and low humidity, itThe mean temperature or 38.2 degrees ranked 21 st warmest, with much of

Investigations of Ophiognomonia clavigignenti-juglandacearum_

Thesis Objective Two: Influence of temperature and humidity on the viability using a bark extract disc assay in 2011, by month and ranked accession

Preparation of Phase Change and Humidity Control Composite

humidity- and temperature-control of the compositeranked as a sequence as follows: mole ratio of

Tropospheric Relative Humidity Profile Statistical Retrievals

In order to inputs ranking sug- gested by the Gram-Schmidt process, we rela- tive humidity profiles retrieval given a set of brightness temperature

Composition containing humidity regulators for preparing

liquid, pasty or wax-like at room temperature (20° C. [68° F.]). test form de-ranking methods, rank order eleventh printing, February 1993)

Effect of relative humidity in high temperature oxidation of

Cerium is the second member in the lanthanide series and ranked as the Effect of Relative Humidity in High Temperature Oxidation of Ceria

A Varietal Screening of Cowpea Cultivars () for a High

temperature and to ventilate the airflow in the ranking score of S , i.e., KKSJ28-1-10-2humidity where the cowpea plants grown in May,

A stochastic method for improving seasonal predictions

X : temperature, specific humidity and vorticity, following 68 equation 1. 189 A concise study of probabilistic skill showed that ranked probability