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Kolas A. Burma in the Balance:The Geopolitics of Gas[J].Strategic Analysis,2007,(04):625-643.doi:10.1080/09700160701559318

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[20] China would start receiving natural gas from Burma's Shwe project through the pipeline in April 2013.[21] The Shwe, Shwe-Phyu, and Mya areas

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religious Indo-Aryan-speaking people who reside in Rakhine State, Myanmar (previously known as Burma)

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Onshore oil and Gas Blocks in Myanmar

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Why the French Are So Keen to Stay in Burma despite Unrest ;

Read the full-text online article and more details about "Why the French Are So Keen to Stay in Burma despite Unrest ; ANALYSIS" by Jim Armitage,

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Dams in Myanmar.[1][2][3] Myanmar (Burma) (612 GWh, 9%); gas (3770 GWh, 57%); and

Myanmar Open for US Business, but Is It a Safe Bet?

US President Obama called yesterday's announcement a first step in "allow[in Burma," says Wong Aung of the Thailand-based Shwe Gas Movement, an

UK Government to Strengthen Gas Sector in Myanmar

In 1886 the Scottish owned Burmah Oil was the first foreign firm to drill for oil in Burma. But the UK’s interest in Burma’s oil and gas sector

POLITICS: With Pipelines, China’s Footprint in Burma Expands

The bulk of China’s investments has focused on tapping Burma’s oil and gas reserves, in addition to investing in hydroelectricity projects


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3.3 Oil and gas 3.4 Gemstones 3.5 Tourism 4The average age of marriage in Burma is 27.5

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Therefore, as it is unlikely that foreign investment in the natural gas and oil sectors in Burma will cease in the near future, I seek to draw

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in Thailand during that same year, as well as a five-year contract with Total Myanmar Exploration and Production for oil and gas support in Burma

methods: A case study in China-Burma gas pipeline tunnel

(2013) Exploration of Tunnel Alignment Using Integrated Geophysical Methods: A Case Study in China-Burma Gas Pipeline Tunnel. International Journal of Applied

legal conflict between peasants and corporations in Burma:

Transnational legal conflict between peasants and corporations in Burma: Human rights and discursive ambivalence under the US alien tort claims act on Researc

Shwe Gas Project, For Better Extractive Industries in Burma

Drawing The Line: The Case Against China’s Shwe Gas Project, For Better Extractive Industries in Burma