gas masks and evacuation equipment

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Various protective breathing systems (such as filtration gas masks, escape work, work in high levels of H{sub 2}S, and more» rapid evacuation

with Observational Studies to Simulate Hospital Evacuations

Horizontal and vertical evacuation procedures follow equipment that is available to staff on a the patients using manual bag-valve masks. Neonates

Evacuation Chairs Sheets Sleds Emergency Smoke Masks

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US3736927 - Self-contained air purifier and conditioner

An integrated composite component, self-contained air purifier and conditioner unit for portable use by individuals. A compact battery driven air blower and

Gas filling apparatus for photomask box

A gas filling apparatus used to fill a photomask box with gas such as nitrogen or other inert gas. The gas filling apparatus of the present invention

diving masks, but it's still too early to attempt evacuation

The boys were practicing wearing diving masks in preparation for a possible underwater swim to escape the cave where they have been trapped since June 23.

method of transferring lithographic masks therein and

12. A mask container comprising: a top portion;gas or be evacuated, wherein said first part and a sudden gas flow and evacuation of the storage


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X-ray lithography system

The mask, the portion of the target which the the evacuation of said chamber and the movement The gas remaining within chamber 22 is preferably

Method for solving survival guarantees of underground persons

The invention relates to a face mask arrangement for alternately administering a gas I containing nitrous oxide and a gas II devoid of nitrous oxide to

Behind the Gas Mask: The U.S. Chemical Warfare

evacuation hospital in Baccarat. National Archives (SC-111-14646) Mustard A roadside in France littered with discarded gas masks and other equipment

Suction and evacuation device for an anaesthetic gas

Suction and evacuation device for anaesthetic gases, such as nitrous oxide and organohalogens is, exhaled by a patient in the course of an operation

Mask cassette and mask cassette loading device

A mask cassette and mask cassette loading device, suitably usable in an X-ray exposure apparatus for exposing a wafer to a mask with X-rays contained

and respiratory gas evacuation device for a respiratory mask

2007131-Respiratory mask arrangement as well as headband arrangement and respiratory gas evacuation device for a respiratory maskThe invention relat

Low-gas temperature stabilization system

The temperature of articles in an "environmental" chamber is stabilized by evacuation of the "environmental" chamber, after having stabilized the temperature

and formation apparatus for semiconductor wafer dicing masks

and at least partially exposing the mask placementMoreover, in the upper electrode 14, a gas supplyevacuation apparatus for reducing the pressure in


“I was given safety equipment like gloves and a mask, but I usually and evacuation Implementation of Emergency response committee is recommended No


A dispenser unit (200) including a housing which defines a chamber and chamber opening for holding one or more dispensable objects. The dispenser also

for the evacuation of anaesthesia or analgesia gas

A system for collecting and removing leaking anesthesia or analgesia gas from an anesthesia apparatus in an operation theater or the like includes a vacuum

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2007920-The invention relates to a respiratory mask, a head band arrangement for a respiratory mask, and a respiratory gas evacuation device for a r


Methods and tools for producing a filled hollow structure, comprising producing an open hollow structure from a first material, providing a closing structure