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A new hydrogen cyanide chemiresistor gas sensor based on

A new hydrogen cyanide chemiresistor gas sensor based on graphene quantum The response as well as the recovery time of the sensor was different

Graphene Nanoribbon Based Gas Sensor

Mono layer graphene (MLG) as a new kind of advanced material is in our focus. MLG indicates a twodimensional structure with quantum confinement effect

Highly ive CO Gas Sensor from Defective Graphene: Role

Carbon-based materials, such as nanotubes and graphene, are widely accepted as a good sensor to monitor small gas molecules, such as CO, NO, NO2, an

A Review on Graphene-Based Gas/Vapor Sensors with Unique

Graphene-based gas/vapor sensors have attracted much attention in recent years due to their variety of structures, unique sensing performances, room-

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Graphene, a two dimensional structure of carbon atoms, has been widely used as a material for gas sensing applications because of its large surface area,

Capacitive-based graphene sensor

A system includes a semiconductor substrate having at least two electrodes disposed thereon, a dielectric layer disposed over the electrodes, a graphene

nanoribbon as a promising candidate for a gas sensor

Electronic properties of NH{sub 4}-adsorbed graphene nanoribbon as a promising candidate for a gas sensorHaradaNaokiSatoShintaro

investigations on novel SiC5 siligraphene as gas sensor

2016112-graphene and other siligraphenes in gas sensing, enabling g-SiC5 to be a promising material as gas sensor for detecting NO, HCHO or SO2 from

Based Inkjet-Printed WISP- Enabled Wireless Gas Sensor

A Novel Graphene-Based Inkjet-Printed WISP- Enabled Wireless Gas SensorAbstracthigh performance graphene-based devices, such as inkjet-printed diodes, capa

oxide nanohybrids for toxic gas sensor A review -

A versatile gas sensor with selectivity using a single graphene transistorAs such, the proposed sensing scheme and results could open up a new

Acetone gas sensors based on graphene-ZnFe2O4 compo_

201593-Taher Alizadeh,Farzaneh Ahmadian.Thiourea-treated graphene aerogel as a highly selective gas sensor for sensing of trace level of ammonia[J]

Ultraive NO2 Gas Sensor Based on Epitaxial Graphene

of fabrication and optimization of a gas sensor based on epitaxial graphene.The detection limit of graphene based sensor was estimated as low as 0.6

NH3 gas sensor based on graphene microfiber hybr_

Fujitsu Laboratories today announced the world's first successful development of an exquisitely ive gas sensor based on a new principle that takes

Graphene Nanomesh As Highly ive Chemiresistor Gas Sensor

Similarly, when applied as a chemiresistor gas sensor at room temperature, the graphene nanomesh sensor showed excellent ivity toward NO2 and NH3,

Graphene as a high-capacity anode material for lithium ion

220Vol.28 No.2 LIU Hongdong et al: Graphene as a High-capacity Anode α-Fe 2 O 3 Nanotubes in Gas Sensor and Lithium-Ion Battery Applications

3D integrated monolayer graphene–Si CMOS RF gas sensor

(CMOS) and monolayer graphene is a significant step toward realizing low-as gas sensors capable of enabling future mobile sensor networks for the

Optical Fiber Gas Sensor Based on Graphene and Intermodal

Optical Fiber Gas Sensor Based on Graphene and Intermodal Interference ZHAO Yong, ZHANG Shu-yuan, WEN Gao-feng, HAN Zi-xiong School of Information Science

Preparation of Highly Conductive Graphene Film and Its Gas

In this research, a highly conductive graphene film was synthesized through the chemical reduction of graphene oxide (RGO) nanosheets followed by thermal

based on nickel foam modified with reduced graphene oxide/

Sensor Letters is a multidisciplinary peer-reviewedSpecial Issue on Graphene based Chemical Sensors PVC/ZnO Nano-Composite as Gas Sensor for Natural

of carbon nanotube and graphene based gas sensors

on the sensing performance of carbon nanotube and graphene based gas sensorsAs a result, this gives a fast and reversible CNT sensor within seconds

Graphene-Based Single Yarn for Use in Wearable Gas Sensor

When a sensor composed of reduced graphene oxide as a p-type semiconductor was exposed to NO2 as an oxidizing gas, the resistance, Rg, of the sensor

Graphene as a Impermeable Gas Membrane

Graphene as a Impermeable Gas MembraneG. BrunettoS.B. LegoasV.R. ColuciL.S. LucenaD.S. Galvao

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Rent or Buy article Get time limited or full articlepaper to report the graphene-based gas sensor. polyaniline composites as methanol-sensing materials

Room-temperature high-performance acetone gas sensor based on

In this paper, we demonstrated a room-temperature acetone gas sensor based on a tin dioxide (SnO2)-reduced graphene oxide (RGO) hybrid composite film

Reduced Graphene Oxide Mediated SnO_2 Nanocrystals for

2011923-Adsorption of gas molecules on transition metal embedded graphene: A search for high-performance graphene-based catalysts and gas sensors. N