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solar power detector system

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Jetting apparatus for fire extinguishing gas and disaster

A jetting apparatus for fire extinguishing gas has a gas cylinder which is charged with pressurized fire extinguishing gas therein and onto an opening of

Detector array for optical spectrographs

A composite detector device that incorporates a plurality of types of detector elements to cover a broad wavelength range. There may be one or more

Wireless location-based system for detecting hazardous

2012220-A method and apparatus are provided for estimating the location of a portable device. The method includes providing a plurality of location


View Patent Images: Download PDF EP2080177 PDF Other type of gas detector 1.2.2wiring of the circuit in the installation, the

Backfill prevention system for gas flow conduit

A backfill prevention system for a gas flow conduit, comprising a gas flow monitor circuit which measures the rate and direction of gas flow through a

Detector for pressure wave translation systems

2002819-Our invention relates to a detector for pressure wave translation systems and has particular reference to a detector which discriminates bet

Gas detection device

A device for measuring the concentrations of a selected gaseous component in a mixture of gases comprises a detector material capable of reacting with the

Infrared gas detector and infrared gas measuring device

Each support arm serves as a wiring connected to an electrode and is images is an abstract or sampling of the full patent application for

Electromagnetic detector for marine surveying

A detector for underwater electromagnetic surveying is described. The detector comprises first, second, third and fourth electrodes which are arranged to

Method for detecting and a detector for indicating excessive

A method of detecting an excessive temperature at electrical wiring devices and detector for indicating by means of a color change an electrical failure at

Gas detector

Of a gas detector 100, a chamber 105 formed between a center cover 150 and a cover 160 is a part of an

Multiple chamber dual channel infrared gas detection system

A gas sensor usable in harsh environments includes a multiple chamber radiant energy transmission path which extends between a multi-channel emitter and a

Cross Wiring |

329 “Cross Wiring”、。 just completed installation of  a wireless infrared gas detector on the

for determining the oxygen content in exhaust gases of

A gas sensor, in particular for determining the oxygen content in exhaust gases of internal combustion engines, is described. The gas sensor includes a

Air gas mixing device with valve position detector

An air-gas mixing device of the type used to mix air and gaseous fuel as a gaseous fuel charge for an internal combustion engine and having air and


2012216-An apparatus and method for providing an intrinsically safe (IS) thermistor detector circuit for process gas chromatography is disclosed. Th

Etchant for metal wiring and method for manufacturing metal

Exemplary embodiments of the present invention provide a metal wiring etchant. A metal wiring etchant according to an exemplary embodiment of the present

Radiation detector and method for manufacturing same

According to one embodiment, a radiation detector comprises an array substrate having thereon a photoelectric conversion element for converting fluorescence i

current AC partial discharge diagnostic system for wiring

A system and method for detecting partial discharges or arcing in wiring or cables is disclosed. The system employs a high-voltage AC power source to

Gas Leak Detector

A gas-leak detector includes a suction pump that sucks sample gas and reference gas, two gas detection sensors, and a cell block having a cell


A detector head assembly of a sensor includes a detector body having an internal channel extending a longitudinal length. The detector body is configured