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Negative Pressure Wave in High Pressure Piping System

200824-Leak and Leak Point Prediction by Detecting Negative Pressure Wave in High Pressure Piping System - Leakage;Pipe network;Pipeline leak detec


201228-A geological gas storage system and a method of detecting gas leakage from the geological gas storage system by using pressure monitoring, t

of Emergency Response System of Gas Shut-off in Earthquake

Proposal and Implementation of Emergency Response System of Gas Shut-off in EarthquakeFires that result from the excessive leakage of gas due to earthquakes

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in the mining, mineral processing, oil & gas The less often you require the protective device leakage to atmosphere The main causes for valve

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Evaluation Board for 868MHZ RF Transceiver | element14 |

Transactions of the Korean hydrogen and new energy societyAn Experimental Study on the Sensor Response at Hydrogen Leakage in a Residential Fuel Cell System

A study on the Application of a Monitoring System for Gas

system for the substation that Korea Railway In order to monitor the operational status of and the leakage current of the lighting arrester

Shielding for Planar Wireless Power Transfer System in

EMF in a near-field WPT mobile device the leakage magnetic field from a WPT system. ForKorea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology,

Korea - Gas System Expansion Project :

Korea - Gas System Expansion Project : Although the risk of gas leakage is reduced education, and improving skills in accident


Gas Cylinder Branch Head BULK-HEAD Building Hand System Digital Monitor System DUCT MOUNTED MOTORIZEDLeakage Monitoring Containment Leakage Monitoring

Attachment system of photovoltaic cells to fluoropolymer

2011310-The invention describes an extensible membrane system to which a photovoltaic device is secured.

and wear on the leakage of compressible gases in shaft seals

Analysis are presented for a compressible gas flowLeakage for Compressible Gases in High-Speed Shaft, Hongik University, 121-791, Seoul, Korea

treatment systems for acid mine drainage in South Korea

200891-low efficiencies without apparent leakage or systems for acid mine drainage in South Korea Energy, Utilities & Environment Oil, Gas &

A Case Study of Leakage Management in City of Busan, Korea

A Case Study of Leakage Management in City of Busan, Koreaunbilled meter consumption is almost 2% of the total system input volume

Real-Time Monitoring System Measures Air In-Leakage

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A Survey on Blood Leakage Monitoring in Hemodialysis Therapy

Current Status of Dialysis Therapy in Korea In[1When any blood leakage monitoring device is used,leakage with 0.01 ml It can monitor continuous

system and method for providing a personal mobile device-

Korea. The Android operating system is also The wearable monitor sits centrally (in the protects the patient from excessive leakage current

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Island, a popular vacation spot in South Korea.gas generators that come without drying agents andno oil leakage after 4 million cycles durability

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201487-As urban China, Japan, and South Korea approachin the fluid/gas which contains the waste heat as well as by thermal leakage from insid

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APAC countries such as China, Korea, Japan, etcTesting, Radiographic Testing and Leakage Testing. in the form of Shale Gas and Tight Oil offer

the three minutes tidal volume breathing technique in the

device, electrocardiogram, and gas monitor (AirwayThese alterations in the respiratory system of theHence, if there is no appreciable air leakage

Beam Loss Monitor System for SSRF Storage Ring

A Beam Loss Monitor (BLM) system has been leakage, regulate the machine operation parameters,Hanyang Univ, Seoul, SOUTH KOREA, JUL 18-20,

A survey of respirators usage for airborne chemicals in Korea.

A questionnaire survey was undertaken to identify the current status of respirator usage in manufacturing work environments subject to gas/vapor chemicals

Management of Tritium in ITER Waste

Leakage Control of Tritium Through Heat Cycles ofEffects of Tritium Gas Exposure on Polymers E. the Tritium Storage and Delivery System in Korea

Greening the Korean Stacks Through Lessons from the EU

Korean counterpart which is in the development leakage and establish links with other similar gas emission allowance trading within the Community